Anyone have luck using Gmail filters to forward mail automatically?

I am forwarding my work email to my gmail account with a +gtdinbox tacked on. So Then I have a filter set up to automatically forward those messages to

The messages are not going to my inbox. If I manually forward the message after receiving it in gmail it works. But I need this to be more automated and I want my personal and work life to be in one account - so it all needs to go through gmail.

Any ideas?

I have been auto-forwarding email for many years without a problem. I do that routinely with my GCal notifications in order to have all today’s appointments visible along with my other tasks in my todo app’s Focus list / Today list / Hotlist / Starred list (different apps use different names).

The way I do the auto-forwarding in Gmail is I have a so-called filter defined which recognizes the sender ( and sends those emails to the specific address of my todo app’s inbox.

What I do not do, and what it sounds as if you are perhaps trying to do, is to append an additional text string to the incoming email. Could that be the reason it does not work for you? (I have never tried that).

Or could it be that GTDNext’s inbox sees the original sender’s address (in your case the work address) and does not recognize it? I think I have seen that kind of problem somewhere with auto-forwarding from Gmail, but I am not entirely certain. I know that GTDNext and Asana and a few other apps have a generic inbox address, shared by all users, and therefore need to recognize the sender’s address in order to know which user the email belongs to, whereas the majority of apps give each user a “cryptic” and unique personal address and totally ignore who sent it (i.e. they ignore all the sent-by, reply-to, sent-on-behalf-of etc fields in the email.)

Or have you simply mistyped your GTDNext address in the filter?

HI Lori

Is this working for you now? From the support ticket you created, I thought we got it all figured out. Let me know! Thx

No still not working. I went with ToDoist for a while - they have the email part nailed down - but it was a disaster. I have over 300 tasks and they have no way to mark next actions. So I’m back to GTDNext :smile:

The issue is my account is set up with my personal email address but I use it for work and home. I wanted to be able to forward work emails and create tasks. Since it does not recognize two different email addresses I thought I could use Gmails labels to trigger Gmail to forward messages but that doesn’t seem to be working.

I think what I will end up doing is using two different accounts - one for work, one for home. It’s not ideal. But it actually works for me because my boss needs to login and check out my work projects and I’d prefer to not have personal stuff in there. I sent in a support request to change my email address. I think that will take care of it.