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Original posted by Heath on May 5th

Can you create a button to expand or collapse all projects and sub projects?

Comment by James

Yes, that will be done at some point. Right now you can use CTRL+UP or DOWN while on a project to expand or collapse the project. We see the need for doing that with the entire view of projects as well.

And it would also be handy then - but you probably thought of that already; it is perhaps even exactly what you were referring to above - to be able to conveniently attain a uniform level of visibility throughout the whole list, e.g. collapse all, then expand all by one level, two levels etc.; perhaps even have quick buttons and shortcuts and preference settings for such “global depth presets”.

I used to use Mind Manager a lot and they had this feature which was handy at times. Without a “menu” like a destop app has I’m not exactly sure where we would put a command like this, but I will add it to the list so we can track it and think about it for the future.