All of my data disappeared!

Well…I was dragging some actions over to the new Today list. I refreshed and ALL OF MY DATA has disappeared. All of it. I have refreshed, logged out, and logged back in and it is all gone. Wow – not good.

Hmm that doesn’t sound good. Let’s work on this directly. Please see Private message.

Hi Armistead;

Per my PM - Your data should be visible again. Apologies for the scare! You ran into an issue we didn’t take into account when testing. We are fixing now. Your data was never in danger. The app ran into an error and could not display it the data until we made a fix.

We will work at doing a better job covering all the test scenarios in the future.

This is probably a good time to mention that at GTDNext, we are proud that we have never (ever) lost any customer data. We take a lot of pride in making sure that GTDNext can be your trusted system.

EVERYONE should read this! GTDNext is an outstanding system and one that you CAN TRUST. That means a lot. James even called me directly to discuss. You won’t find that level of personal touch and service hardly anywhere else. This means so much to me. Cheers to James and Sergio for their dedicated work. CHEERS!