Adding tasks from an iPhone

So…I was accessing GTDNext from my iPhone 6s+ yesterday and wanted to add some actions to a project and subproject. I added them, but had the panel closed to the right as it takes up a lot of space. The project was towards the bottom of my Projects & Actions list. I now wanted to add tags (contexts) to my actions. But the button to have the panel to the right come across is only at the top of the app. So I had to scroll up to the top, access the right panel, and then scroll back down with the panel open and try to find my project with the actions that needed tags.

I think this is cumbersome at best. Is there a way to access the panel when at the bottom of the list? Perhaps I am missing something simple. It would not be the first time. :slight_smile:

Yes. we have this on a list of clean-up items from after the new UI launch. I’ve asked @Sergio to take a look again and see if we can bump it up higher on the list. Thanks for the feedback!

Great – sounds good. Hang in there!