Adding scheduled actions from an iPad

I tried to enter some actions so that they show up for Monday using my iPad. It was a tedious and clunky at best experience. The keypad kept coming up and blocking the calendar so I could select the scheduled date. I tried to scroll it down, which is a challenge. Then the stupid keypad came up again.

I know it I should not a native app, but this is really quite klunky and frustrating. Any advice on how to use GTDNext when not at a computer?

Stupid auto-correct. I meant to say “I know it is not a native app, …”

Sorry, James. I certainly do not mean to come across snarky. You know I love GTDNext! I really am asking about best practices for entering actions - particularly scheduling them – from a mobile device.

Yes - we agree. It has come a long way and also still needs a lot of work. I will take a deeper look later today and see if I can provide any suggestions.

Thanks, James. I do appreciate it!

I was able to select the calendar on both iPhone and iPad by changing the orientation from landscape to portrait when it was partially blocked by the keyboard. Depending on where the original item was in my list it wasn’t always blocked by the keyboard. Certainly, there is an opportunity to improve this experience a lot.

Sounds good – thanks, James! As always…I CAN’T WAIT for a true native iOS app. :wink: