Action details don't refresh automatically for Items that were previously marked complete

Not sure if there’s another place where i can report bugs but i do believe i’ve found one.

I have 2 different tasks that i had checked and marked as complete inadvertently. I exposed them through the “Show Completed” filter (top right of the Projects & Actions pane) and unchecked them to make them “incomplete”.

Now, when i try to CLICK on any of the recently incomplete tasks to see the Action details… well Action Details fails to refresh and still shows details of the LAST action i was clicked on.

I found that if i’m using keyboard navigation, Action Details WILL refresh, but not if i click on it.

If this isn’t the right place to report bugs, please let me know what the right procedure is and i will report it correctly!


Thanks - we will take a look! - You can also report issues via the Help link at the top right of the app.

We think we have fixed most instances of this happening with build X.17 Please let us know if you find any more issues like this. Thanks!

Thanks James, I definitely will. Really digging GTD next – keep up the good work.