502 gateway error - site down :(

This is my worst fear. This is the best GTD app, but to be a trusted system it has to be 3 or 4 nines reliable. Hope this doesn’t force me to an alternative with local backup.

We are back up. Apologies for the downtime.

Still having problems here, not able to log in, 502 or 504 errors.

Is this just me or is anyone else having the same issue?

I am also still unable to access my account. I can log in, but the page hangs up showing the “Loading” message.

Yeah, I have this problem as well. Sometimes it gets into the login screen but it is then stuck on the loading message.

We are looking into the issue. More update as soon as we can determine and fix.

cc @sergio

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We are back up. Please hit CTRL+F5 a few times to clear out your cache.

It looks like the first time we fixed it was just a symptom of the bigger issue. Bigger issue fixed, and our apologies for the downtime. We take up time very serious and have all sorts of monitors and notifications set up. This one got past all those notifications, so we will review what happened and take steps to make sure this issue doesn’t happen again. Thank you all for your use of GTDNext!

I’m getting 504 errors on both Safari & Chrome. I have cleared browser cache and tried launching incognito to no avail. Please advise as to how best to resolve.