Tag filters A) involve too many clicks B) no way of doing 'AND' logic


Problem 1:
I find it irritating just how many clicks are required to move from filtering my tasks on just one tag to filtering them by just another tag.

e.g. Suppose I have my “@PC” tag selected, if I now want to just filter on “@Errands”, I have to click on “@Errands” to turn that on, but now I also have to click on “@PC” in order to turn that off. Otherwise I will get a list showing all tasks that are “@PC” and all tasks that are “@Errands”.

Solution 1:
I propose that if you left-click on any one tag, any other tags are automatically de-selected. i.e. The tags are single selection. Unless of course you use Control (or Shift?) when you left click in which case multiple selections should be possible (as normal in browsers).

I spend a lot of time moving from Tag to Tag and I almost never want to see combinations of tags, and when I do I would be happy to hit Control+click or Shift+click.

Problem 2:
My other slight problem with GTDNext is that there is no way filter for just tasks that have both Tag1 AND Tag2.
e.g. I might want to select for my tags “@PC” and “~ReflectiveMood”.
But if I do so in GTDNext, I get a list of all the tasks that have either “@PC” or “~ReflectiveMood” or both.

Solution 2:
I propose that we users are given the choice of whether the Tag selections work in AND mode or (inclusive) OR mode.
One option would be for an icon to added to the right hand end of the row of tags which when clicked toggles from AND to OR. Alternatively it could just be a personal preferences setting, which the user is expected to set and forget.
Personally I prefer the icon.

Any strong views?


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My use of tags is quite basic, my contexts are relatively simple as I tend to be in a consistent environment.

An invert option on tags as there is for areas would be useful for me.