Suggestion: Name Change


I know this will take a spot of coding, but I think it’s worth it.

Currently, when you click on “All Projects” it in fact takes you to all tasks instead, whether they’re in a project, in next, waiting, someday, etc.

I think it would be clearer if all projects took you to projects only and perhaps there was a toggle that changed it to all tasks, which is currently what it actually does.

That’s something that definitely is going to confuse folks long-term.

PS: Kudos on all the work going on this week with the app!

See similar discussion here, a bit down:

One possibility is to just rename it from All Projects to something more neutral like Review & Organize

Yes, thanks. We agree that it is confusing and are thinking about other terms to use. A lot of people seem to like “Review and Organize” Or “Organize and Review” but we aren’t too sure that would be much better for new people. So we are continuing to think and review suggestions. Thanks!

Yes, lots of great work this week. Thanks for noticing!

How about Everything

Projects & Actions in v 1.3.14 is excellent! No one can misunderstand that. It says it all.

EDIT: But I think you’d better remove the subtitle “Top level projects”. It takes up a line, and could well cause confusion for those who are not even sure about the difference between actions and projects. If you remove it entirely, there will be nothing underneath, and they will learn to click the main heading (Projects & Actions). And from there on, they will notice gradually how it works.

I like the “tight” disposition of the P&A section, and would prefer that spacing even in the two upper sections of the left menu. (Too much space between the lines, takes up too much space all in all - but this is a matter of taste, of course.)

I would also suggest a name change and slight change of content for the two upper sections. The terms Actions and Lists are probably not the most clarifying :wink:

The way I see it, the first group could consist of Focus, Next and Waiting and could be called something that conveys the idea of “fully committed and in play” (perhaps Ready for Action? Or Current Actions? Or Ready for Completion? etc)

The second group could consist of Inbox, Someday and Scheduled and could be called something that conveys the idea of “not currently in play” (perhaps For Consideration? Pending? etc)

Maybe Current and Pending could be a matching pair of terms? (Or Current Actions and Pending Actions?)