Sequential options is extremely bugged within complex hiearchies

I really wish I can just share my GTDNext hierarchy like in Workflowy to really show the problem

But basically I have a hierarchy structure like this:

Project A
-Subproject A1
—Subproject A2
----Subproject A3
-----Subproject A4
------Subproject A5
-------Subproject A6
---------Subproject A7-1
-----------Next Action One
-----------Next Action Two
---------Subproject A7-2
-----------Next Action Three
-----------Next Action Four

Project B
-Subproject B1
–Subproject B2
—Subproject B3
----Subproject B4
-----Subproject B5
------Subproject B6
--------Subproject B7-1
----------Next Action Red
----------Next Action Green
--------Subproject B7-2
----------Next Action Blue
----------Next Action Purple

Now with that set, I set “Subproject A6” and “Subproject B6” to Sequential
Now, appropriately, in the Next Actions list, "Next Action One’ and “Next Action Red” appears.

But this is where it gets extremely frustrating. In my case, “Project A” and “Project B” is under a higher hierarchy, say “Main”
This where the first problem comes in

Now everything gets screwed up at this point. Now only “Next Actions One” appears on the Next Actions List. All the Next Actions under “Subproject B6” becomes inactive.

Another thing is I’ve tried to release “Project A” and “Project B” from “Main”. Now, a second problem comes in. Now every Next Actions under “Subproject B6” is active and every Next Actions under “Subproject A6” are inactive. But thankfully the second problem is fixed by a page reload, unlike the first one.

There are much more bugs I have experienced using the “Sequential” feature that is very hard to describe and demonstrate, so I won’t include it here

But this all goes to show that the “Sequential” feature is extremely bugged and required much fixing
Another thing is that this bug is repeatable and nothing unique to my account, as I’ve tried to make a new account and reproduced the exact template above and the exact bug reoccurred

I know all of this is a mouthful, but please please respond. I dreadfully need this feature to be working. I am so frustrated by my unproductivity and thought this application will help me get through it.
So thank you for reading and I will truly, deeply appreciate any help I can get

I agree. It takes a long while to figure out how it actually does work, and when you have sort of figured it out you see that it is not quite what you would like. I ahve seen many other example beyond the ones you mentioned. I am not sure to what extent this is due to bugs or to unfortunate design choices - probably a mix.

First of all, I think it would be a lot easier if the whole logic and the graphic representations were exactly the same (consistently) at all hierarchical levels (both for actions and for projects and subprojects etc).

Hi P.A. and thanks for the post. I’ve reproduced what you have shown above. Let me comment on each of your issues.

Yes, I am seeing this problem as well and can reproduce it. I will create an issue for this in our tracking tool.

When I tried this workaround, I am not seeing the issue you mention. I am able to get both Project A and B to behave correctly. In the below picture you can see Next Action One and Next Action Red are both “green”.

In this case I only have sequential marked for Sub Project A6 and Sub Project B6. Can you check your settings and give that a try? I might be a good workaround until we can address the first issue.

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Thank you very much for your response
The workaround I’ve mentioned won’t actually work in my actual scenario, I just mentioned it just to be complete.
But thank you for putting this issue in your tracker and I really really hope that this issue will be solved very soon!

I’m really sorry if I am bugging you and I am not trying to rush it. But can I have a potential ETA on fixing this bug?

We will take a look at this specific issue in the next week. Depending on what is involved, we will either be able to fix it then, or if it is more involved it may have to wait until we take some time to revise the entire sequential functionality.

Thanks for checking in and and again, sorry for the inconvenience! Someday, I’d be curious to hear more about how/what you are planning that is utilizing 6 or 7 levels of sub-projects. Very cool!

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I am going weigh in on this with a simpler example that I don’t understand the behavior of. Given the following task hierarchy:


When there are no sequential tasks, then the list of next tasks includes P1ST1, P2ST1, and OT1, as I expected.

If I mark Top a sequential tasks, then the list of next tasks includes: P1ST1, again as I expected.

However, if I mark C1 sequential instead of Top, then the list of next tasks includes: P1ST1 and OT1. My question is why is OT1 included as a next tasks if it follows both P1 and P2? I expected only P1ST1 as a next task. OT1 should not be a next tasks until both P1 and P2 are complete, IMHO. Sequential implies 1 next task not two as in my example.

Thank you for considering my question…

Thank you!!!

So did you managed to pinpoint the problem causing this?

Hi Team,

The sequential projects are now much more buggy now. I cannot use it actually right now.

My usual case is:

Parent project (sequential)
–Child project
----first action on child project (N)
----second action on child project
–child action after first sub project (N)
–following child action

I would expect only one action to be next - . Actually I get Next as well.

This issue bothers me… I do remember that it did not work like this before…

Please Note. If the first item after a Sequential [Project] is a [Task] but not a [Subproject] the issue is not reproducible (i.e. i get only one next action).

Yes, I agree with your post and think it is consistent with mine. I am waiting for this to change before continuing my evaluation.

Yes, it looks like when we fixed the other sequential issue that a new issue was introduced. We have fixed this in today’s build (1.27). Please take a look at let us know if you see any other issues. It’s a tricky bit of code with lots of different scenarios. While we think we’ve covered them all, we appreciate your help in finding any edge cases we may have missed. Thanks!

Thank you so muuuuuuuuuuchh for the help!! I have not a single regret of buying the premium!!!

Hi James,

My scenario works fine now. No other issues detected so far.


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I agree, this seems to have fixed my issue as well. Thanks!

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