Possibility to trash things

Sometimes I create actions or projects that I later realize are of no use to me. It would be helpful if I could just delete them. But I can’t see any possibility to do that in the current configuration of GTDNext unfortunately.

Hi Elurven (and welcome!)

This is planned - we just haven’t gotten to it yet. Thx!

@Elurven just wanted to let you know that we added this functionality in today’s build.

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So what you are saying is that you can’t commit?


I honestly have not tired to delete anything and found this to be very odd. I wanted to delete everything and start over again in the hopes of understanding the app better. I have a huge mess that I can’t figure out if it’s a project, checklists, next actions, etc. I basically don’t know what I am looking at anymore.


@James, Are you referring to the delete button as this feature?

I get this “Are you sure?” prompt every time I delete something. I am a chronic deleter, because I would rather capture too much than capture too little. When I capture extraneous things… I delete them.

I prefer “trash first, then empty it later” paradigm over being asked if I really meant what I meant every time I mean it.

Hi @kyoken74 - Yes the delete button is what was missing when Proximo first created this post. We now have that ability.

I agree with you that it is sometimes a pain to click the confirmation button over and over again. I’ve taken a note to look at solutions for this in the future. Thanks!