Filtering using tags

When I filter actions and projects using tags and I do not show the completed items it is still taking the completed items into account. I’m not sure if this should work like this. I would expect the system not to filter on completed items if they are not shown.

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Hi Pascal- Can you explain what you mean by “still taking the completed items into account”? How is it taking it into account. Thanks!

Hi James,

Below I explain the issue with an example:

If I now do not display the completed tasks:

Next filter on tag1, nothing is displayed except for the top level project.

If I filter on tag2, the child level is displayed:

When filtering on tag2 I would not expect ‘Sub’ to be displayed.

When adding another level the behaviour is different again:

When filtering on tag3 nothing is displayed anymore:

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This has been fixed. Thanks for the report!