Can't login since last night

I get an internal server error, I’ve got it since last night.

Me too. It just keeps saying loading but not doing anything

Me three, I can’t login this morning. It just displays the loading bar.

Me four. Exactly the same as above.

Please try again. We have fixed the issue thx!

Try to login tonight still doesn’t work or doesn’t work again

Can’t say it works well - “LOADING” phase lasts tens of seconds, then after some short time the page refreshes and – “LOADING” again. Latest changes are occasionally not saved between these cycles.

I would say this is critical, this issue impacts the usability severely.

I’m still having the same issue unfortunately.

Argh, it won’t connect any more - again! I was stalled on Friday, and now Monday doesn’t look good either.

I liked gtdnext a lot, and am a premium user, – but until uptime is improved, I just have to migrate elsewhere.I cannot afford hours of downtime :frowning:

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can’t connect again - I’m testing out - it’s not ideal but they do have a windows desktop app.

Incredibly frustrating when I don’t have access to all of my actions.

Hi, GTDNext has been inaccessible for me for the last 4.5 hours. I have tried using 3 different network providers and 3 different devices. Any update on when the system will be up and running please?

This is bad. Monday morning & I’m ready to plan my week & GTDNext is unavailable. In the few weeks that I’ve been using GTDNext, it has become indispensable to my productivity. Please fix it!

It’s back! You never know how important a tool it until it’s gone.

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yes, we are back up. We’ve been battling an issue this weekend where some people were not able to log in, but others were. We think we’ve found the core issue, but please let us know if you find an issue again. Apologies for the issues and appreciate your support!

It’s working, but man that’s super frustrating. Sure wish that you had some sort of app that has offline capabilities. It’s so frustrating to think of a thought that you want to get down and find things are just spinning. Or check to see if you have any really important tasks to work on.

After trying just about every GTD type tool that is online / windows based, I’m seriously contemplating moving to Things or Omnifocus. If one of my every day machines was a Mac, I probably would have done it by now. But I do have an iPad and iPhone and I may just decide that working off those is worth it, knowing that I can always reference something when needed.

There’s so much to love about GTD next, and I still think there’s not a better way to lay down projects and new ideas quickly. But these interruptions are really difficult for good work. (I know it doesn’t happen all the time, but when you come to rely on the system so heavily, when it’s down, it is seriously painful.)

And now it seems to be down once again?

It doesn’t work for me too, still can’t login. I agree with russj now 2 working days without GTDnext. I really have to think if I renew my premium subscription without offline acces, mobile apps etc. I love the way works, but if it does not work…

It’s not working again. Seems to be down more often than not lately.

Ouch! Yes, lots of problems this weekend. We are aware and working on the issue right now. Thanks

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